CougarGeneration Service Club

~Loving God...Loving Others~

What is it?

GenerationCougar Service Club is an opportunity for students to serve our school, local & global community in a fun and exciting way! You will gain experience in various ways such as organizing food drives for local food pantries, assembling baskets for our local women’s shelter, making blankets to raise money to help provide clean water in Africa, and more!

Why this type of club?

There are many reasons, but to name a few...

These acts of service are not only a unique way to bless others, but also a chance for students to interact with our school family in a fun, mission-oriented environment. Ultimately, the heart behind this extracurricular activity is following in the footsteps of Jesus! This is an opportunity for growing in humility and thanksgiving as we give up our time for those who need God's love shown to them.

Who can join?

Anyone in 6th-12th grade may join; as long as you come with a heart to serve, you are well-equipped for this club!

How can I get involved?

Sign up in the Library for more information regarding meetings, projects, etc. Meetings will be held during 8th hour in the Library and other times as needed. We encourage meeting attendance, but understand that it's not always possible. We ask that you do your part to stay connected!

Mrs. Bourbonnais @