The Tundra!

By Spencer Terpstra

How do you classify a tundra?

Out of all the other biomes. The tundra is known for it's extremely cold climate, short season growth, and energy in the form of dead organic material. The two major nutrients are nitrogen, and phosphorus. You can also classify a tundra by where it is located.

Two Tundras?

There are two types of tundras?

There are two types of tundras all right! Which is the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra. The difference between the two is that the arctic tundra has 1,700 different plants, has 60 growing days, and has many animals. Some of the animals are wolves, polar bears, lemmings, salmon, trout, and many more. The alpine tundra is located on mountains. What is interesting about the alpine tundra is that unlike the arctic tundra, it's soil is better. Not to mention the animals that live in the alpine tundra are well adaptive. Some of those kinds of animals are mountain goats, elk, and sheep. The alpine tundra has 180 growing days compared to the 60 that the arctic has.