Comparing Ireland to Ethiopia

By: Andrea Davies


Population: 4,832,765

Life Expectancy: Male=78.28 Female=82.97

Kind of living: Urban

Population Change over time:Its been stable, slowly increasing

Future of the population: Going to keep increasing

Food Supply:There is a lot of farms, agriculture is big in Ireland

Health: Doesn't really have any problems with health

Current events: Nothing major

Environmental problems: Dangerously leaky nuclear facility in England, the loss of access to open spaces, dump site placement, song bird and salmon declines, loss of bog lands and wild lands, animal rights, water pollution, proper oversight of chemical plants, proliferation of masts, inappropriate and destructive grants to farmers, and inappropriate forest plantings.

Top 10 Facts About Ireland You Didn't Know
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Population: 96,633,458

Life Expectancy: Male=58.43 Female=63.15

Kind of living: Rural

Population Change over time:The population has been increasing slowly

Future of the population: It will continue to increase

Food Supply:With the rapid population growth of the past two decades, per food grain production has declined.Cereals constitute the largest share of food production in the country. Today, with recurrent famine threats, food aid is an important source of cereal supply.

Health: maternal mortality, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS compounded by acute malnutrition and lack of access to clean water and sanitation.

Current events: The International Rescue Committee delivers essential aid to over 100,00 refugees who have fled to Ethiopia from neighboring countries like Somalia, Sudan, And Eritrea and more than 500,000 Ethiopians affected by drought. The IRC responds to emergency needs with clean water, sanitation and health care and also encourages long-term development.

Environmental problems: Deforestation, soil erosion and depletion of nutrients in the soil which, in parts of the northern highlands, are leading to a worrying increase in desertification.

Water Crisis Facts Up Close:
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