The FRIDAY Review

October 4, 2019

From Mrs. Lewis...

    • Power Time - ELA Teachers where are we with the 40 book challenge. Are you keeping up with books reads? Has there been incentives? What about writing logs?
    • Power Time - ALL TEACHERS - Please be reminded that student movement around the building should be limited during Power Time. Visits to the library, front office, etc. should wait until after the pledge of allegiance. Don't forget to model reading in your classroom and encourage sustained reading and detailed writing.
    • 8th Grade - Dr. Hicks from UNCP and his African American Study students will be working with 1/2 our students in the fall and the other half in the spring on poetry. The first visit will be Ocotber 9th, 9am - 11am. Stay tuned for more info.
    • FACULTY MTG - REQUIRED OCT 7TH Check-In Training / Pierce Benefits
    • SCHEDULE CHANGE MONDAY- OCT 7th - Please see email with schedule change for 6th / 7th Grade.
    • CANDY - WE need candy for Trunk or Treat. Staff, can you donate or find community members to donate bags of candy for our big day?
    • Check In Challenge - Teachers, we need your help to get our students to school on testing days. The team that has the highest percentage in each grade level will earn an ice cream treat. Teachers begin advertising now.
    • OCTOBER 11th PAINT NIGHT - 6pm - Don't forget to see Mrs. Spencer for details. Don't miss out!!!
    • SHS PARADE - October 18th 4:00pm Downtown Laurinburg - Come show your support for our students and the Fighting Scots!
    • 7th GRADE PLCs will be switched to Thursday due to consultant visitation and meeting on Tuesday, October 8th during planning.
    • CHEWING GUM - Please be reminded that students should not be allowed to chew gum during the school day. We are finding gum on the floors and sidewalks.
    • STUDENTS WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Our 2nd annual PBIS Trunk or Treat will be held on October 31st from between 12:30 - 2pm. Students will need to meet PBIS Stamp Requirement. This starts NOW. Help encourage!
    • Employee Benefits / Procedures

    • Reg Ed TEACHERS - Please give EC teachers advanced notice when scheduling tests that requires accommodations. (multiple sessions, separate setting, etc.)

    • Support Services Monthly Smore -

    • EBOOKS - Ms. Harris has created a screencast with instructions for students to check out ebooks. Some students are not allowed to check out due to fines/overdue books. This is an awesome opportunity of which, many are not taking advantage. Please make your homeroom aware of this resource.


    • MONEY - All money is due by 2pm each day. This allows Ms. Audrey to count and deposit before leaving work each day.


      • PBIS: Remember, when a student is bounced a phone call should be made to the receiving teacher so they are aware that they will be getting a student. Please go over the bounce form with your homeroom (especially 6th grade) so they know what to do.
      • CHROMEBOOK PERMISSION LINK - This link has been added to the LIVEBINDER LINK above.
      • STUDENT MOVES - Please see an administrator if you would like to move a student on your team or from your class. This must be approved first.
      • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

      Upcoming Dates

      October 2019

      • October 7- Staff Meeting / NC Checkin staff training / Pierce Benefits

      • October 7 - 6th Grade Author Visit

      • October 8- Golf @ Deercroft

      • October 8 - Girl’s Track @ Hoke

      • October 9- PBIS Wacky Wednesday Raffle

      • October 9 - Football @ East Hoke

      • October 9 - UNCP Students on Campus - Poetry 9-11am

      • October 10-Cross Country @ Spring Hill

      • October 14 - SIT Meeting

      • October 14- Cross Country @ West Hoke

      • October 15- Girl’s Track @ SHS

      • October 16 - Chocolate Sales Kickoff Assemblies 7th/8th 1:45 6th grade 2:30

      • October 16- Football @ Sandy Grove

      • October 18 - SHS Homecoming Parage 4pm

      Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at