Saving Energy in Your Enviroment

Saving Energy at Home,Community,and at School!

Why is Saving Energy Important

Do you really want to spend money on 100-500 dollar Electricity Bills? Well if you conserve energy using Energy Resources you will be saving money in know time. It is important to save energy because some of the energy resources we use are Nonrenewable and could be gone for the next generation. Also when you use most of the energy resources for electricity for example Fossil Fuels you are making lives go to waste digging for coal in mines.

Using Electricity at a Limit at Home.

When you are watching TV for 9 hours what do you think is happening around you? Well if you notice the electricity bills going up and fossil fuels going down you will know that there is something you have to do about it. Well I have an idea, how about we start conserving energy by turning off the lights when you leave a room, and using less time on the TV. When it is daytime you can save energy by turning of the lights and instead use energy from the sun to see. Then when it gets dark that is when you can use the lights. Another great way you can save energy is using a Solar Panel it may cost a lot of money but it is worth it because you have free electricity all day long without using the lights because there is back up batteries for nighttime. Instead of watching TV all day you could be playing a sport or having fun with a friend which would not only save energy but also make you more active.

Saving Energy in School!

A way you can save energy at school is instead of doing a project online you could do it on paper to save electricity. It may be faster to do a project on the computer but every once in a while you should do a project on paper so we don't waste nonrenewable energy. This idea will help your school by helping energy stay at maximum.

By Whitney Amoako

Saving Energy in your Community

When you are driving a car or riding a bus fossil fuels are being used and are decreasing at the same time. Well I have a plan that will help you and your community in no time! Instead of driving to work or to school you could ride your bike or walk if you live near your school, with your parents to be safe. If you live in a busy community it would be safe to use a bus because the more people the less cars will be making all the pollution at once. You will see a difference when you use this idea because less pollution will be produced and less energy will be used.