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Cedar Park Middle School - October 27, 2020

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Important Dates for October/November

October 27 @ 6:00 PM - Parent Q&A, Meet our social worker - Password: Parents

October 30 - Spirit Day! Wear your costume (see reminders below)

November 4 @ 6:30 PM - PTC Community Meeting

November 5 @ 6:00 PM - Cedar Park BIPOC Parent Meeting

November 11 - Veteran's Day - No school

November 13 - Grading Day - No school for students

Spirit Day Guidelines

Our first spirit day is Friday, October 30th! Show your spirit by wearing a costume or dressing in orange & black. Our school dress code still applies, even virtually. This means no masks (teachers need to be able to recognize you) or weapons (even plastic). Have fun with it! Have a family member take a picture and submit it to our yearbook email at cpmsvideo@bsd48.org

Counselor Corner

Connecting with Grade Level Counselors:

Our counselors have begun to offer open office hours for students twice a week. This is a great time for students to reach out if they need help, are concerned about a friend, or are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by this year. Counselors will be letting students in one at a time so they can speak to students individually and there is no appointment needed.

As a parent, if you are concerned about your student or your student has expressed their desire to talk with a counselor, you can encourage them to drop in. The Zoom links as well as dates and times are listed on the "Cedar Park Middle Students" course on Canvas. Additionally, you or your student can always contact your grade level counselor with a concern to set up an appointment with them outside of these hours.

Newsletter from Our Social Worker

Our new school-based social worker, Dana Sexton, has published this to support parents and students. Check it out!

Translation for Everyone!

BSD has purchased Google Read&Write (with the pdf translator) for every student in the district. This Chrome extension allows students to view web pages (including Canvas) in languages of their choice, convert text to speech and speech to text, as well as making text more accessible. if you can, please make sure your students have this Chrome extension and please model how to use it.

Catch the Cedar Park Book Bus!

The book bus for Cedar Park will run on Thursdays. See the stops and times below. It will stay at each stop for 30 minutes.

1) Timberland MS (lower driveway) @ 1:38 PM
2) SW 125th Ave South of Colony Lane @ 2:10 PM
3) Kennedy St Park, Just past 103rd @ 2:38 PM
4) SW 103rd in front of Cornerstone Church @ 3:03 PM
5) SW Knollcrest Dr after turn on SW Inglewood St. @3:33 PM

Check Out the New Outdoor Library!

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A Note From Our Nurse

Why We All Should Get A Flu Shot This Year

A healthy message from your nurse, Ms. Costanzo

Let me begin by acknowledging shots are no one’s favorite thing to do. As your nurse, however I feel it’s important to let you know why it’s especially important now to get your flu shot.

As the annual flu season approaches, health experts are urging everyone, 6 months and older, to get a flu shot this year. The worry is that with the onset of flu season we could see peaks of flu and COVID-19 cases at the same time. Unlike COVID-19, however, the flu virus is a familiar foe, and a safe and effective vaccine is available every year.

The time to get vaccinated is early in the flu season. It is best to get your flu shot in late September or early October in order to ensure you have time – usually two weeks – to develop an immune response before there is widespread transmission of flu. A flu shot in this time frame helps provide protection throughout the entire flu season.

Even if the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent you from contracting the flu, it may make the illness less serious if you should be infected.

Let’s all help protect each other, especially now. Remember, the more people who are vaccinated, the fewer overall cases. Oh yes, and did I mention, let’s all wash our hands and cover our coughs and sneezes.

November 1st Brings Daylight Savings and Important Tips for Traveling Safely This Fall

On Sunday, Nov. 1st, we lose an hour and it will be darker earlier. With shorter days this time of year, all road users should be extra alert to see each other. Here are some suggestions to help everyone stay safe on the road:

Wear bright reflective clothing when walking or rolling.

Don’t assume people driving will see you. Make eye contact before crossing in front of vehicles.

Be alert! Keep eyes and ears open, especially while crossing the street.

Cyclists should make sure to have lights and wear helmets – it is the law, and it helps people see you and keep you safe.

Driving or biking? Use extra caution and slow down in the dark and rain. Always be alert for people on foot or bike at intersections, crosswalks (marked and unmarked), bike lanes and in school zones. Do not text and drive – it’s against the law, carries steep fines and is unsafe for all road users.

Submit Photos to The Yearbook! CPMSvideo@bsd48.org

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