Jeffrey Lavenhar

Manager AT Petrovest Energy, LLC

About Jeffrey Lavenhar

In order to be a capable business executive one needs just the right mix of education, experience, and in-born talent. Too much of any one of these elements can cause an imbalance in judgment, leading to either too reckless an approach to business or too timid a tack. Fortunately for the firms Jeffrey Lavenhar has worked with over the last two decades, he has done well to educate himself in many business-relevant matters, and the experiences he has had have complimented his talents very nicely.

Today, Jeffrey Lavenhar divides his time among several companies that he has founded: Mile High Investors, LLC; WorldWide Entertainment, LLC; and Onstream Production Co. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of three established, successful companies, Mr. Lavenhar has had ample time and opportunity to refine his management skills, learning how to deal effectively with any issue a business may encounter. Although the three firms are in different fields (real estate investment/development, hospitality, and energy, respectively), Jeffrey Lavenhar is able to leverage his ability to evaluate potential business prospects, whether they are underground in the form of natural gas or failing property in need of turnaround, and execute on them.

Jeffrey Lavenhar received his formal education from Alfred University and St. Mary’s University. At Alfred, he studied business and philosophy as an undergraduate, earning his degree cum laude and making the coveted Dean’s List for three years. During his time in San Antonio at St. Mary’s University School of Law, he was an Associate Editor of the University’s Law Journal, a distinction if for no other reason than it is the most consulted law journal of all law schools in the State of Texas. Jeffrey Lavenhar currently resides in Colorado with his family.