South Korea: East Asia

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Cartogram of Settlement Patterns in South Korea

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  • South Korea is home to 49,115,196 million people and makes up 0.72% of the world's population.

  • The average age of a person from South Korea is 40.8 years, which indicates an overall aging population.
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  • The whole population of South Korea on average is expected to live to 80.04 years.
  • Males are expected to live to about 76.95 years.
  • Females are expected to live to about 83.34 years.

Birth and Death Rates

  • In South Korea there are 9 births per 1000 population and 5 deaths per 1000 population.

Population Problem: Aging and Lower Birth Rates

Low Birthrate Shrinks South Korea's Youth Population

Similar to America, South Korea’s elderly population is growing larger than it’s youth population. This means that the working class of South Korea is going to have the burden of supporting this dependent class of people. South Korea’s fertility rate is that of 1.25 births per woman. As stated in the video, South Korea is trying to encourage its elderly, female, and immigrant population to participate in the economy as much as possible.

Religions Practiced

  • 31.6% of South Korea's population identify as Christian. Within this category 24% are Protestant and 7.6% are Roman Catholic

  • 24.2% are Buddhist.

  • 43.3% of the population do not identify with a religion.

  • 0.9% of the population follow other or unknown religions.

Languages: Both Korean and English are Widely Spoken

  • English is increasingly being taught throughout junior high and high school in South Korea.

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