Spotneek Valentine's Day Contest

What's the best spot to celebrate V-Day in Goa? Tell us!

Here's what you need to do

  1. Make a post on our Valentine's Day page, telling us about the best spot to celebrate Valentine's day in Goa including tips on what to do. Include a picture if you have one.
    e.g. Candle light Dinner at your favorite restaurant.
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  2. Register at
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The contest will end at February 14, 4:00 pm IST and registered users having the most number of votes for their post will be declared as winners. Winners will be declared by February 14, 9pm IST.


Winners will be decided based on the number of votes and posts will be ranked from highest number of votes to the lowest number of votes. Only Up votes will be counted.

  1. 2 prizes for Rank #1 & 2
  2. 3 prizes for Ranks #2, #3 and #4
  3. 10 prizes for Ranks 5-14

Prizes to be announced soon! Stay put its going to be good!

Rules of the contest

  1. You must be 16 years and above to be eligible for the prizes.
  2. In order to be eligible for the prize you need to do both - post a message on our Valentine's day page and register at
  3. Winners will be decided by the Spotneek team based on the number of votes received for the post by 4:00 pm on 14th February 2013. Only Up votes will be counted, down votes are not counted. All decisions taken by the Spotneek team will be final and abiding.
  4. Winners will be contacted by email that is available to us after you register at
  5. The Spotneek team can cancel this contest at anytime without giving any reasons whatsoever.
  6. By participating in this contest you agree to these rules.

About Spotneek

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