The DCMS Bat Signal: 1/7/19

Super me, super you, everyday heroes make dreams come true.

Good Morning Team DCMS Superheroes!

Welcome back! I know I was looking forward to getting back into the groove and to seeing how everyone has been doing. It has been nice today to see familiar faces and reconnect with teammates. When it comes to the new year, I always find myself conducting a personal review of my life, its purpose and look for areas where I can make adjustments to provide even more meaning and purpose. I contemplate deeply. With this year's review, I am affirmed that we are incredibly purposeful and important in our roles as educators. It is so wonderful to work with a group like you all who work to make our collective mission and commitments a reality for our students. Let's continue transforming lives and helping our students acquire the foundations on which they will stand for the rest of their lives...the foundations that will allow them to choose how they will make meaning and purpose for their own lives.

REMINDER - The faculty meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow AM will take place next Tuesday, January 15th at 7:25 AM. THERE IS NO AM MEETING TOMORROW.

All of you know that my blood runneth orange during college football season. I am a Dabo Swinney fan to the moon and back! So, I am hopeful for a Clemson win tonight. But, I must say that above all I pray for a good game where all athletes play their best, safely. Alabama has a class football program. Both teams have an equal opportunity to win this contest; it will depend on who is the best tonight. No matter what the end result of the game is, I am proud to be a Clemson Tiger.

Keeping the End in Mind

As we work toward our goal of 92%/92% passing iLearn math and reading, it is important to be aware of where we have been and where we are now. In the tables below you will see how we have performed over time on ISTEP+ and NWEA. Grade levels go horizontally and cohort groups go diagonally. Please reflect on your PLC goals and how you as an individual teacher plays into our school goals. Where are you in terms of your goal? Which students are exceeding your expectations; which students are not? After NWEA is complete, I will be asking PLCs to meet with me to celebrate progress and share any adjustments that need to be made as we proceed toward the end of the year.
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NWEA Testing is Underway

Math and English teachers may want to access the tables below to help student set goals for their winter performance and to help hone their effort and motivation. At this time, the MAP tests are aligned to ISTEP+. We know this will change eventually as NWEA will conduct a new linking study as iLearn becomes finalized with cut scores and such. For now, this is our best source for predicting future proficiency on iLearn.
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Upcoming Events

  • First Day Back - Monday, 1/7 - Regular Schedule
  • DCMS PTO Mtg - Monday, 1/14, @ 3:30 PM in the admin conference room
  • School Board Mtg - Monday, 1/14, @ 6:30 PM @ South Elementary cafe
  • MLK Day - Monday, 1/21- No School
  • Counselor Appreciation Week - 2/4 - 2/8
  • A Cup Above Catering - Friday, 2/8, from 9 AM - 10:30 AM; you may preorder!
  • President's Day - Monday, 2/18, SCHOOL IS IN SESSION

Upcoming Meetings - NOTICE CHANGES****

  • ***Faculty Mtg - Tuesday, 1/15, in The Bat Cave @ 7:25 AM*** Date change due to presenter availability. We will NOT meet on 1/8. We will meet on the 15th. We will be learning about the zones of regulation and de-escalation strategies.
  • PLC - Wednesday, 1/9, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • Department Head Meeting with Marsha - Tuesday, 1/15, @ 3:30 PM
  • PLC - Wednesday, 1/16, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • Department Mtgs - Tuesday, 1/22, @ 7:25 AM; locations TBD by DH's
  • PLC - Wednesday, 1/23 in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • PLC - Wednesday, 1/30, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM


  • Shorts, Longs, & Coaching Observations – Expect that we will be visiting frequently and maybe even multiple times in a week.

  • Attendance Must Be Taken EACH Period – Attendance must be taken each period. This is not optional and cannot continue to be forgotten. At this point, this is considered a minimum performance expectation.

  • Cell Phone Violations Procedures are found here at the following link. Please familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Friday School / Detention Supervisor Sign-Up – Please sign up to supervise a Friday School or Detention for the good of the school culture using the links below. Detentions will now be on Thursday AM and Thursday PM.

Detention -

Friday School -

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About Us: Mission & Collective Commitments

We are a collaborative group of educators committed to ensuring high student achievement.

We commit to…

  1. Focusing on student proficiency of Indiana College & Career Readiness standards, not just coverage of material.
  2. Working collaboratively to benefit all students with a focus on results.
  3. Join forces to learn by doing on a daily basis.
  4. Using frequent common assessments that inform and drive our instruction.
  5. Providing intervention and enrichment based upon the formative data.
  6. Furthering a culture that uses value-added language, encourages one another, and celebrates successes.