A Parallel Universe

A world the opposite of ours. Fact or Fiction?

“If a coin comes down heads, that means that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal.
But on another world, it does come down tails. And when that happens, the two worlds split apart.”

- Philip Pullman

What is a Parallel Universe?

A parallel universe is a theory. A theory that there exists a universe, exactly like ours, but within this universe everything is different. There wars have had different out comes, and animals that are extinct here, roam the planet there (Source: How Stuff Works). This idea may seem crazy, but it is completely radical based on research done by Hugh Everett III, who changed how we think about space and our lives by proposing this idea.

How is it possible?

There is a theory that when the big bang supposedly created our universe, there was another big bang that created another universe but in the exact opposite way (Source: MindValley). Instead of an explosion that created a huge universe like ours did, this one exploded inward, and created a small universe that we could never see. This makes this universe have the opposite of gravity, and therefore opposite outcomes. In the Parallel Universe theory proposed by Hugh Everett, he said that for every physical possibility that is explored, the universe splits off. For each possible outcome, a universe is created and it plays out that each alternative outcome.

Types of Parallel Universe

There are 3 types of "multiverse models" that scientists have come up with:

There first one is the Bubble Universe (Source: Gizmodo). This is the multiverse where the theory is there are some parts of the universe that we cannot see, or that are hidden inside black holes and we will never see them. There may be other universes, but the laws of physics only allowed us to live where we are. The second type is Membranes and Extra Dimensions (Source: Gizmodo). String Theorists came up with this theory that our universe is just a three dimensional surface, that is part of a "super universe" which has 9 spacial dimensions. This would create room for other three dimensional universes just like ours. Finally, there is the Many World Theory (Source: Gizmodo). This is the theory created by Hugh Everett, and the most common one when we think of parallel universe. This theory is based largely on quantum mechanics, which many physicist don't completely understand. This theory proposes that every possible outcome actually happens in a different universe and we are playng out only one of those story lines. This theory can be combined with the bubble universe theory because every outcome could really be playing out and we just don't know it because we cannot see those universes, and we are just playing out one possible outcome.

The True Science of Parallel Universes

Proof That They Exist

Scientists say that they studied cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) after the big bang, and found that they found evidence that four circular patterns where our universe is found, crashed into other universes at least four times (Source: Daily Mail). This means that other universes, with different physics as our own, all exist at the same time. They say these findings will be controversial, but if this bubble collision is verified it could lead to insight on many other universes. The CMB dates back to 300,000 years after the big bang and has now cooled (Source: Daily Mail).

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