My Summer 2016

The awesome things I did this summer:

At the end of June, I went to Camp Ottari with my troop. We stayed there for a week and we had a blast! The food was horrible and the portions were tiny and the hills were miserable but we had more ups than downs!

Lake Martin, AL

Our way to Dauphin Island, we stopped to see some friends at lake martin. We were only there for a night but while we were there we did some awesome stuff! We went on a HUGE rope swing, I jumped off a cliff, went skiing and we rode jet skis!

Dauphin Island, Alabama

My family and I went to Dauphin Island in July. We rented a beach house and stayed there for a week. When we were there I went fishing for at least 12 hours a day! We also went deep sea fishing, we went 40mi off and mostly caught red snapper. I also brought my GoPro while I was there so, I got some REALLY cool videos, pictures and a time lapse of the sunset!

A Timelapse I took with my GoPro

Time Lapse

Orlando, FL

My dad had a conference in Orlando and the Army paid for us to stay at the Gaylord Palms. The Gaylords are some of the nicest hotels in the US! We also brought Jake Harris with us to FL. While we were there we went to Wekiva Springs and Blue Springs. We went freediving at Wekiva but, not Blue because there was a manatee blocking the cave and since they're protected we weren't allowed to dive. At the springs there were MASSIVE Gar and some other fish. I had my GoPro when we went there and I got some very cool footage! We also went to sea world! After we dropped Jake off with his mom, my mom and I (my dad was at the conference) went to disney world for two days, we rode many rides and had lots of fun! Afterwards, we went back home.
Wekiva and Blue Springs State Parks
Top Ten Summer Memories: (NOT in order)

  1. The Springs
  2. Fishing on the bay
  3. Zip Lining at Ottari
  4. Hiking at Bench Mountain
  5. Sleeping In (School should start at 10:00am)
  6. Eating Whenever I want
  7. Disney World
  8. Sea World
  9. Bass Fishing the ponds
  10. Swimming at the beach

First Day of School Narrative

I don't remember it well. People said that I hit my head. They said it all started as a normal day in. I walked in to ELA class, sat down next to Tyler, then, I listened to Mrs. Teeter's speech of being nice. After that, we had something to do so Mrs. Teeter started a game of limbo. The first time I got past fine. The second time, I don't remember the second time. All I remember is a headache until 8:00pm.