Welcome to Lineville

By : Courtney Gerzetich


Are you worried, scared or nervous ? Well it's ok I'm hear to make you feel more comfortable about coming to Lineville!

Team Time

Team time is a great start of your day! First you go to team time to take attendance. Then I will tell you about the days of the week. Monday is telling about the weekend and chat with friends. Tuesday is I Pad free time iPad free time is where you get to go on any game or website. On Wednesday we do one of my favorite, workout Wednesday . On Thursday we do silent ball that is probably my favorite. On Friday we turn in blue cards and clean out lockers it is very important to take care of your locker ! i hope you have a great start of your day at team time !

Lockers and locks

It is important to learn about lockers and locks . Don't worry you must be scared to open your locker if you don't have experience with the locker! The number one thing is to keep your locker clean so you don't mess up the whole locker row.Then you don't want to keep any food or drinks in your locker because if they spill you will have to pay a locker fine .you also need to know is you need space every won needs to have there own space when they open their locker in the morning. If you have a house by the bus door or a main entrance it is very crowded . I hope you feel more comfortable about your locker! Good luck!!



In gym it may be different than you're gym at your old school , the gym at Lineville you have to change. In the locker room you can't have any electronics that is a school policy you will get in big trouble . Some of the things we do in gym is archery, archery is fun and exciting at the beginning you take a pretest on your Ipad it's ok if you don't know if you know nothing about it . Another thing we do I'd backed ball we don't play games but we play some games like horse, pig, lightning, dribble knockout and more . Also we don't change in the middle of the school year we do a program called dare that is where we learn about drugs and how there are bad for you I hope you learned a lot about gym !


In music we have choices we can do band orchestra or choir. First I will tell you about band. In band we have an awesome teacher mr and mrs zipperer.The band choices of the instruments are Clarinet trumpet trombone flute baritone and percussion.In choir they have an awesome teacher mrs Dolger in choir they have a routine every day they set up a video of the song that they are learning than they sight read than they sing! Orchestra in orchestra they have a nice teacher mrs Nowalk. The instruments are violin viola cello and bass as you can see orchestra is very awesome!


The teachers are mrs vandenlangenberg.she is the most awesomeness teacher ever in art some of the things we do is sewing yes we sew stuff animals . I know right . We learn the main stitches. D get sewing you also get to pick the animal of what you want it sew .another thing that we do is painting of any ecosystem I did an ocean we learn the foreground middle

And background .as you can see I love art and I know you


Lunch is a lot different than your lunch at you're old school.

Lunch at Lineville the is a district and command s meal there is a lot of big changes . Lunch is in the hall and you do not come threw the lunch room to get you're linch . Another thing is that you need to know is you don't have the benches you have you're own chair that you need to push in and you can only have 8 people to a table at a time . Is you are allergic to to nuts there is a nut free table that you need to sit at . Ohh yahh you also need to alacArt .ok you probly don't know what that is ok Ill tell you LAA cart is extra food like presides snapper water fruit snacks cookies chips popcorn I hope you are interested in lunch