Welcome to Mesopotamia!

Lauren Streder & Lily Gillis

Our Land is...

Very fertile, and we have plenty of water and food because we live between two rivers called the Tigris and Euphrates.

We believe in 7 different Gods, we are polytheism, in every city-state we have a ziggurat.

We Live in a City-State

We have many Empires, and our kings were chosen by the Gods we worship.

We Trade Things Like Wheat , Barley, Pottery, Weapons and etc!

We trade with caravans. Caravans are a large group of people that travel to trade. We trade with places like Egypt and India.

Social Structure!

In our upper class we have kings, priests, worriers, government officials, and scribes. Also, in our middle class we have farmers, traders, merchants, artisans, and fisherman. finally in our lower class we have enslaved people, criminals, and people who can't pay their debt.
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Come Visit Mesopotamia!