Joseph Haydn

By: Taylor Cummings

The Life of Joseph

  • Franz Joseph Haydn was born March 31, 1732 in Rohau, Austria.
  • Joseph Haydn's father worked as a wheelwright (someone who repairs wooden wheels), and his mother a cook.
  • At six years old, he was a singer in a choir until his voice broke and he was forced to make money as a butler and servant.
  • He worked for Fuerst Esterhazy for around thirty years. When Esterhazy died he visited London, England twice where he composed his most famous piece, The London Symphony.
  • He died on March 31, 1732 for an unknown reason.

Fun Facts!

  • Joseph has been said to look a lot like George Washington.
  • He had a strange nickname that no one knows the why he got it, Papa.
  • He wrote 40 operas, and very few are still performed today.