What I learned

Jamie Kimbrell


I learned how to write scripts in a better format. I reasearched it and started writing two scripts. I asked a friend for a topic to write a script about and she said "write it about a Hipster Duck". So the script I am sharing is about a Hipster Duck.

Riley's Idea: Hipster Duck

Quackers: swimming in the pond. Salutations fellow duck mates do you want to be my friends?

Ducks: No you’re a geek

Quackers: Aw. Swimming to the other side of the pond, he tried to act cute to get fed bread from the humans but can’t. I want some food please

People: Oh look it’s an ugly creature! EWWW!!!

Quackers: I have feelings too you guys. He swims away and goes home to his nest.

Quackers: writing in his diary. I’m just so alone. I can’t be fed by humans because I’m so ugly and no one likes an ugly duckling. I can’t get any friends because I’m a geek. I don’t know what to do!! He cries for a while then brightens up at an idea. I got it! I will make myself over and be a hipster duck. Then no one will be mean to me and I will get food from the humans! He gets to work testing out things to say and giving him a makeover.

Quackers: Hey ducks you all want to be my friends because I’m so awesome!

Ducks: Yes we do!! They all swim over to him and they party.

Quackers: It’s working! I wonder if it works with the humans.

Quackers: I want food!!

People: Aw look at the cool little duck. He looks so awesome. Let’s feed him all of our bread! Yeah!!

Quackers: I’m so awesome. He turns and swims home

Quackers: I wonder if it works if I’m still a nerd. Hiding who I am is really aggravating. And tiring.

Quackers: Swimming in the pond in his nerd clothes. Hi ducks!

Ducks: Hey Quackers! We think you’re awesome!

Quackers: You guys don’t mind if I’m still dressing like a nerd?

Ducks: No you’re still a hipster at heart!

Quackers: If they are still my friends, then the people will still give me bread! He swims away and goes to the people to get food. Hey people give me food!

People: Aw it’s the geeky duck again! But he’s such a hipster! Let’s feed him!!!... Yeah!!

Quackers: Everyone still loves me even though I am a geeky duck! I’m still awesome!

In the End...

In the end, I learned something new and perfected my script writing skills.