PreK II News

Week of September 15th

Safety Week!

What's SPECIAL this week?

*The Police Department will be visiting on Monday/Tuesday!
*The Fire Department will be visiting on Wednesday/Thursday!
*We will be learning and practicing our drills at school (fire & tornado).
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Safety tips for your family:

  • Teach your child safety tips in small, repeated, positive doses.
  • Set clear messages: Don’t play with fire around kids or use fire as “entertainment.” Teach respect for fire by talking about its function - warmth, safety – as well as how it is something that must be used with care.
  • Teach your child that if he sees matches or a lighter, he should not touch it and should tell a grown-up right away.
  • Have a fire extinguisher in your home, just in case.
  • Give your young child the names of two Safety Persons who can always be trusted for rides, help, etc.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle!
  • Monitor what your child is doing on the computer. Instruct him or her not to give out personal information on the Internet or to make arrangements to meet in person someone he or she met online. Make sure your child knows how to be "cyber-safe."
  • Make sure your child knows to CHECK FIRST before they go anywhere with anyone. Check with the adult who is in charge of you at the time. If you cannot check, then the answer is NO!
  • Your child needs to know their full name, address (including state), and telephone number with the area code. They need to know their parents' names, too.
  • Update photos four times a year for preschoolers and once a year after that.
  • Teach your child to be kind and tolerant of others. Children need to understand and accept others who are different from them. Model this behavior yourself.

What activities are we focusing on this week to help us learn about safety?

*Visits from both Police and Fire Departments.
*Reading safety books and discussing things we learn from these stories.
*Learning our addresses and phone numbers.
*Learning and practicing our drills at school (fire and tornado).
*Showing self-control during an emergency.
*Discussing what we know about firemen and knowing not to be afraid.
*Helping put out "flames" (paper) at our water table.
*Traffic light bean bag toss.
*Learning how to crawl under the smoke in a fire.
*How to dial 911.
*Learning how to be safe in traffic (walking, biking, riding in a car or bus).

Family Partnerships

Make a Safety Plan with your family. Try to let your preschooler tell you what they've learned through Safety Week to help make your Safety Plan.
  • (Why have a Safety Plan? Many times in an emergency, you won't be able to get to your child. They need to know what to do on their own and how to get to safety!)

Our STAR STUDENT of the week is Jacoby!