7 principles of the constitution

Hannah Reaux

Popular sovereignty

Allows the people to exercise their power by voting

Ex: preamble-"We the people of the U.S....."

15th amendment- extends right to vote regardless of race


People who exercise their power by electing reps. to govern

Ex: article 2- creates office of pres. & Vice Pres (Elected every 4 years)

Separation of powers

Power divided between the executive, legislative, and judicial branch

Checks and balances

Each branch of national government has certain controls ( checks) over the other 2 branches

Ex: article 1- congress has power to impeach, try, convict & remove from office.

Article 2- president appoints Supreme Court & federal court judges.


Power divided between federal and state gov.

Ex: amendment 10- powers not given by constit. To the federal gov. & not denied to states reserved for the states