By: Sarah Cobb

Where people live in Canada

In Canada, most people live near the U.S boarder because of climate, trade, and sometimes natural resources as well. In most areas near the U.S because of the more mild and warmer climates. It is much warmer than up in the northern part of Canada. Another reason is that Canada has a great trad exchange with the U.S, so that means that if you are near the U.S boarder, you may end up getting more money and more exchange with the U.S.

Qubecs Independence movement

Qubec wanted independence from canada for many reasons. One reason is that Qubec feals like english speaking people are taking over there territory when everyone there speaks french. What I mean by that is that english speaking people are taking over Qubecs money and reasources. Qubec could divide and become independependent if they wanted to because it is a big state and is near the edge of canada and has a big water source for importing and exporting goods. Qubec also has lots of natural reasorces aswell.

Environmental issues in canada

Acid rain effected the trees and great lakes in Canada. This happened because the acid rain caused water pollution and killed lots of the lakes animals. The trees were destroyed because it destroyed lots of timber in the area.Acid rain causes so much pollution when it comes and is awfull for the enviorment.