Foundation 1 News

Friday 12 December 2014

Well done!

The Foundation team were so proud of all our children when they presented their Sing-Along for you all. We saw them singing, performing the actions and being very brave in front of a large audience. Their behaviour was exemplary for such young children and we have received lots of compliments about the performance. Thank you for joining us to make this a special occasion for the children.

Also this week we have...

  • Shown that we can be a great audience by sitting and watching the Key Stage 1 dress rehearsal which we enjoyed very much.
  • Walked to a post box (within the grounds) to post the special cards we had made for a relation living far away. We do hope your loved ones enjoy receiving their mail!
  • Been thinking about shapes - for example circles to make snowmen and baubles. We have continued to use the mathematical language of size when describing shapes and objects both in the indoor and outdoor learning environments.
  • Allowed our creativity to flow by engaging in lots of craft activities designed to promote fine motor and design skills.

The Foundation 1 Team would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday. School finishes at 12.00 on Friday 19 December and resumes on Tuesday 6 January. See you next year!

What's happened in Ruby Class this week?

What's happened in Sapphire Class this week?

Next Week

  • Thursday is party day! Your child can come to school wearing their party clothes but please be aware they will still be going outside so warm outer clothing is required as usual.

  • On Thursday we will also be having a special shared lunch time in the atrium with the children from Foundation 2. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR CHILD'S LUNCH AS NORMAL BUT IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU COULD DECORATE THEIR LUNCH BOX IN A FESTIVE WAY AND MAYBE INCLUDE A SPECIAL TREAT. They will not be sharing their food.

  • if you have any old kitchen utensils you no longer need, including pots and pans, we would love them for our outdoor mud kitchen and music areas.

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PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS A WATERPROOF RAINCOAT IN SCHOOL. We put these over their normal coats in cold weather. If a child wears just their coat and this gets wet, we are not able to dry them in time to enable your child to continue outdoor activities. Thank you to all those parents who have already supplied a waterproof coat for their child - it is very much appreciated.