Antonin Dvorak

Matthew Chuah

The Romantic Era

I think Antonin Dvorak is worthy of study for many reasons. This Bohemian composer played instruments such as the violin, viola, piano, and the organ, but also was a famous composer. He composed From the New World, Slavonic Dances, Requiem, and other compositions he created. Once he married Anna Cermakova, he took his composing more seriously. He traveled to different places in the world such as London and New York City and composed his symphony, From the new World. From my perspective, Antonin Dvorak worked very hard on his work in music. He composed beautiful pieces of music in various places around the world. I think he enjoyed his work writing music, although he found writing difficult and he was not a gifted composer. Just like in the text, he found writing hard to do, although he stuck with music the whole way through. That shows true determination and is inspiring to others. This is why Antonin Dvorak is worthy of study.
Antonin Dvorak - New World Symphony (Full)