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We are committed to providing our students a rich learning experience. We welcome guest speakers and presenters. If you or someone you know is interested please let us know 867-5472.
Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

Students from Mrs. Torres and Mrs. Ruiz's classes created haunted houses and wrote stories about them. Students presented their stories to their classmates. Great job students!

Coyote Collaboration Team Sign Up

Have an area of passion, interest, or expertise? We invite you join one of our Coyote Collaboration Teams. Coyote Collaboration Teams are our way to gain input from key players. Each team has a specific focus and consists of staff, students and parents. Collaboration will take place primarily through email, google meets or zoom. Interested? Here are the teams. Please click the link below to join.

  • Language, Culture & Equity
  • Special Events & Well-being
  • Literacy
  • Facilities, Grounds & Safety
  • Math & Science
  • DASH (Data, Accountability, Sustainability, High Achievement)

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Welcome to the Coyote Corner, the Hero Builder & Project Restore

The Coyote Corner and the Hero Builder are two tools we use to support the social and emotional learning of our students. All students visit the Coyote Corner once a week for a lesson led by Miss Thomas, our School Counselor. These lessons focus on safety, self regulation, self-esteem, building friendships, being successful in learning, and respecting diversity.

The Hero Builder is the program we use to teach students important character traits such as honesty and empathy. Students are taught they can be an everyday hero by having these traits. Click the link below to view a list of the traits used to give us your feedback.

Hero Builder Feedback

Project Restore is a six part training session our staff are participating in. This training teaches staff about the impacts of trauma on learning, and provides specific strategies to support students.

COVID-19 Update

Families, thank you for your diligence in following COVID-19 safety protocols. We appreciate your partnership in keeping our staff and students safe. Below you will find the link to the most recent COVID guidance from the NM Department of Education, released 10/14/21.

NM Public Education Department COVID-19 Toolkit

Special Events Coming Soon

November 4 Dia de los Muertos first and second grade performances 4:30-6:00

November 8-10 Rock your moccs week (students are encouraged to wear their moccasins)

November 11 Veterans Day - no school

November 12 Asynchronous Day - students learn from home

November 22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 14 Carroll Family Virtual Winter Celebration

December 16 Preschool Kinder Virtual Holliday Event

December 18 Luminaria Event

Academic Focus


The first quarter, students focused on letter recognition, letter sounds, letter writing, phonemic awareness for the focus letters and answering key details in a story. They also worked on identifying and writing numbers 0-5, counting to 25 and one to one correspondence for math.

Next quarter, students will continue their work on letter recognition, letter sounds, letter writing and phonemic awareness for the focused letters. They will also work on recognizing rhyming, blending and segmenting syllables, recognizing more high frequency words, identifying and writing numbers 0-10, counting to 50 by 1's and 10's, comparing numbers 0-10, and identifying different 2D shapes.

First Grade

The first quarter, students focused on short vowel, consonant diagraphs and consonant blends, reading nonfiction texts and learning about animals, their habitats, and their characteristics, sentence writing, and adding and subtracting within 20.

Next quarter, students will continue their work on consonant diagraphs and syllables, blending and segmenting words, responding to a topic in writing, identifying key details in text and applying properties of operations to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Second Grade

This quarter, students focused on using different strategies (number line, commutative, identity/doubles, near doubles, group addends) to add and subtract along with reading, writing, and spelling words with 2-letter blends, using proper capitalization and punctuation when writing sentence, identifying characters in a story, writing a friendly letter and identifying the three states of matter.

Next quarter, students will work on place value, adding and subtracting with two and three-digit numbers, reading, writing and spelling with vowel teams, retelling stories, writing with complete sentences and knowing the components of our solar system.

Together, we are committed to high expectations and strong systems that achieve equitable outcomes for OUR students.