Vasek's Vision

News for the Week of November 11-14

Math: This week the students will be applying their knowledge of previously taught concepts by completing a math money menu based on their level of understanding (I will provide two different menus: on grade level and above grade level). As students work their way through the menu they will be demonstrating their understanding the concepts. Students will be problem solving daily to connect math to everyday experiences, while they communicate, and use logical reasoning to justify thinking. *Daily: warm up in math - this covers a variety of skills that the students will spiral through. The goal is that the constant exposure will keep all the skills fresh.

Science: The spotlight in science will be changes in heat. Students will compare changes in materials caused by heating and cooling. Students will demonstrate that things can be done to materials to change physical properties such as melting. We will be conducting experiments throughout the week to demonstrate changes in heat.

Reading: The focus in reading will be a culmination of concepts. We will be catching up on concepts that weren't thoroughly covered this week due to PBL, while moving into media literacy. Students will use comprehension skills to analyze how words, images, graphics, and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning. If you have any empty cereal boxes you could donate for a lesson later in the week, it would be greatly appreciated!

Writing: The big idea in writing this week will be All About Books. Students will be writing an All About Book, including non-fiction elements on a topic they are knowledgeable about. We will be wrapping up this until of writing by the end of the week.



Students will not be taking any notebooks home this week. Please read over the first nine weeks report card. The actual report card is for your records, but please sign and return the envelope at your earliest convenience.


Thursday, Nov. 11 - Happy Birthday Varsha!!

Wednesday, Nov. 13 - Library Visit for new books: please return books

Thursday, Nov. 14 - Counselor visit to our class

Tuesday, Nov. 19 - Thanksgiving Feast at 12:23 pm

Wednesday through Friday, Nov. 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday

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