connecting literature to Greek mythology

The story so far

The main character , Ian, was born and raised into a rough life and nobody seems to just understand him but his friends. The school he goes to is a "sports" school, which means they dont look upon kids greatly who look like punks or skaters. Not only does Ian have to put up with the school always purposely getting him in trouble, but he also has to help take care of his little brother. Their mother is addicted to crack and is never home to care for them, so they have to fend for themselves. A gym teacher attacks and insults Ian for the last time and Ian punches him in the jaw and knocks him out cold, breaking the teachers jaw. Ian and his little brother run away from the police and home to find their lost father, who they hope can help them out.

connections to greek mythology

Perceus had supernatural help from his friend / god Athena. Ian's friend helped him escape by distracting the cops so Ian and his little brother could run away. Now thats a good friend. Theseus believed in doing onto bad people as they would do onto others. Ian also believed in something very similar to Theseus'. He believed that after being punished for no reason by teachers and all the mocking and name calling, that they didnt deserve his respect. He talked back more maturely with more intelligence than the people who are hurting him. The trident was a standing symbol / weapon for Perseus just like his father, Poseidon. The skateboard was an iconic symbol for Ian. It showed who he was as it wasnt a school sport. He was different for skating because it was frowned upon and was hated by the school and they only saw him and his friends as good for nothing punks and losers.

some connecting pictures

this book is great

My review

Skate is an inspiring novel and i loved it. I can personally connect with the book too because im also a skateboarder who always gets judged when im with friends. I get in trouble sometimes for just doing what i love to do. Because i personally dont like the jocks just like Ian.