Guinness World Records Day!

Explore all of the fascinating world records today!

National Guinness World Record Day!

This day is set to persuade people around the world to set brand new (or break existing) world records.

Guinness World Record Day

Saturday, Nov. 15th, 12pm

2701 Robious Crossing Dr

Midlothian, VA -Go to this link to explore some interesting world records set by amazing people all over Planet Earth.


Guinness World Records Day is also known as the birthday of Guinness World Records. On this day, November 15, thousands of people around the world get together and try to set miraculous world records. For example, a couple of the many records set are the farthest distance to throw a basketball backwards (25 meters set by Thunder Law) and the most people eating their morning breakfast at one time (388 set by the people of Shanghai). Additionally, on this day, the tallest man in the world (Sultan Kosen) and the shortest man in the world (Chandra Bahadur Dangi) met for the first time in England.

Why you should celebrate

This holiday is definitely worth celebrating by more than just thousands of people. There should be MILLIONS of people celebrating this holiday. Why? One reason is because of how much you can learn! Just a couple of minutes of searching the internet or books can result in incredible amounts of pleasure. For example, you can find out who can eat a pretzel the fastest in the world. If as little as five minutes is spent, great pleasure can come out of this awesome holiday. Another reason to make this day an official holiday is to let people take off from school and work. Then, people could take the time to search, make and break records while not having to worry about missing school or work. The third and final reason to make National Guinness World Records Day a holiday is to encourage people to set a record themselves. This means that every year on Guinness World Records Day, there would be more and more records to search, make or break!