SUMMER TERM 2015 ISSUE 5 - Friday 4th September 2015

Thursday 10 September Family Fun Night (changed from the 11th)

Friday 11 September General Election Day (school is closed)

Friday 18 September Book Week Dress Up Day

Wednesday 23 September Grades Two and Three Sports Day

Thursday 24-Friday 25 September Hari Raya Haji Holiday - School Closed

Please note that next week is the last week of swimming for this Block. Swimming resumes on the week starting 26th October and continues until Christmas.


Our 'They Made a Difference' focus this week included knowing about the lives of historical figures and the contributions they made to create a positive change.

Discussions took place this week about people in the past who have struggled for equal rights. The children talked about why they feel it is right for everyone to be treated the same and have the same chances in life.

To demonstrate and get a small sense of what apartheid was like, some children were separated from the rest of the class for a short period of time and did not share the same privileges as the other children. The discussions after this exercise were amazing, with the children sharing how bad and uncomfortable they felt for their classmates being left out. This led to further conversations about what could be done to make a change e.g. peaceful protesting, going to talk to Mr Hannah.

Children were divided into groups and given information about significant people who made a difference, and how their contributions shaped the world we live in today. With this information, the children created and performed role plays that highlighted the achievements of these outstanding individuals.


Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

The children continued their focus on newspapers, and in particular, recognized the language features used for a headline. A lot of reading of different articles and a wide variety of discussions took place as the children became more familiar with the appearance and writing mechanics regularly found in newspaper articles.

The 5 Ws (Who? What? Where? When? and Why?) were highlighted to the children and they were encouraged to identify within the articles they have been reading that these questions were being answered by the reporters.

A variety of articles without headlines were provided for the children to read independently. The children were then challenged to create an original headline that matched the contents of the article they had chosen.

If you want to learn even more, try this fun challenge! Can you escape the tower?


This week, the children not only continued their mission to improve their addition but also moved onto subtraction with and without regrouping skills within 10,000.

The children worked together to make 1,2 or 3 digit numbers before subtracting the smaller number from the greater number. Bar models were shown to help the children grasp the subtraction methods that helped them to find the difference between two numbers. Scenarios were given that gave children the opportunity to solve subtraction challenges in small groups and independently.

A recommended website game for children to practise and extend their mental subtraction skills is BALLOON POP SUBTRACTION

Above is a great link for maths games and improving mental maths facts - speed and accuracy!


WEEK 6 Focus= More Homophones

IPC Words = They Made A Difference

Super Spelling Sentences

Include each of your words from your word list in a sentence. Underline the

words you use and be sure to skip a line between each sentence.

The cute, fluffy kitten clambered skilfully up onto the branch of the old oak

In Maths, my favourite lesson, we have learned how to count confidently in

thousands and hundreds.

Word Work: Please be sure to edit your work. Look for

1. Capitals and full stops.

2. Include at least 1 adjective to describe your nouns

3. Include at least 1 adverb to describe your verbs.

4. Spell all words correctly (ask an adult to check).

Optional Extension 1: How many words can you think of that follow our

spelling pattern this week? Write a list in your organizer.

Optional Extension 2: Write a short story using as many of your spelling words

as you can.

Due Thursday 10 September 2015



Addition and Subtraction to 10 000

Pages 35 to 38

Due Thursday 10 September

For Marshall Cavendish Online, you will need to use CHROME or the most recent updated version of FLASH.

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