Full Board Meeting Minutes


Week in Review:


Tuesday- Thinktank @ 6pm

Wednesday - Full Board Retreat 6 PM in Ping


Friday- Scholarship Applications Due


Sunday - Transitions @ 11am; Signature Party- before and after Full Board; Member-at-large Elections


BOTW- Julia Goodwin! For being super helpful for passing out Tshirts over mom’s week

Paw Props

Paw Props goes to everyone running for exec!


YOU ROCK award will be decided next week, Gabby forgot- that’s okay gab!

Presidential Notes

Weekly Full Board- Full Board for the rest of the semester in Tupper 304

Ballroom Dancing Club- a new club starting up, looking for leadership positions and general members, contact Kendra for more information.

LEAVING A LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP- new scholarship that SAB is running

  • Rising seniors can apply (current juniors) let other rising seniors know.
  • Looking to get as many applications as possible.

Congratulations, Tracy! She has been selected as the distric 5 rep!!!! YAY TRACY

Sunday April 10- Member at Large Elections and Transitions

Disclaimer: If you are considering running for any position please talk to an executive member, Justin, Katrina, or Kendra about the position! Just because the executive board is primarily made of juniors does not mean the current VPs are re-running. If they choose to re-run they also have to be elected, they are not guaranteed their position for next year.

Find updated points, finance records, and shared documents here.



Makenzie Olaker


Kayla LaForest


Ellie Halter


Hannah Clouser

Alumni Engagement

Emma Perrin

Professional Development

Mackenzie Young

Student Outreach

Allison Zullo


Alexis Sova


Amanda Moline

Internal Activities

Cristina S

Member at Large (being voted on next week)

Nicole Blanco, Tony Cardwell, Danielle McCarthy

Katrina and the OUAA

DC networking week will continue to be happening each semester in different locations across the country!

Coffee with Katrina and Justin - will no longer be happening due to Justin's busy work schedule.

Upcoming Dinner with 12 strangers (see slide) April 9th!

Senior Week- April 18-24th

Seniors: appointments coming soon to look at your plans after graduation!

Senior champagne: fill it out so we can invite your parents! The evening before graduation! http://goo.gl/forms/GfWUvDBmVa

Melissa and Membership

Email MelKel for absences at sabmembership1804@gmail.com, please CC the respective VP in any emails regarding absences to Melissa. This is especially important for mandatory events.

Signature Party is April 10th (MANDATORY) hour before and after full board

Inductions are April 17 at 4:30 PM at the OU Inn (also MANDATORY)

YAY NEW MEMS! Find them on social media to welcome them to SAB HERE!

Kate and Communications


Let Kate know if your interested. Still $35. Still Medium. Still running a little big. Still Awesome.

We have ONE extra that will be sold on a first come first serve to the person who pays Hannah.

New Bare on the Bricks logo!

Mom's Weekend T-shirts are for sale!

  • Long-sleve pocket T
  • $25 each
  • two left!

Headshot were sent out, if you didn't get yours come talk to me/send me an email

Water bottles $10

Hannah and Finance

Don’t be financially delinquent; no one wants to be up for review kids!

Your Membership will be up for review if you’re “Financially delinquent” just tell her what’s up. This policy is active as of NOW because it is currently written in the constitution.

  • Formal payments were due March 20th. $20 for you or $40 if you brought a date. Get your money to Hannah as soon as possible or let her know that your payment will be late!
  • Money for the hats is past due.
  • Mom's Weekend shirts due: 4/17 (2 weeks)- $25/$50
  • Waterbottles will be due at pick up because they’ll be passed out at the end of the year
  • Financial workshop, TBD, should be cool if it happens!

Financial Tip of the Week: Be meal-plan mindful

  • Living in a res-hall? Critically compare standard to flex. Standard is a lot cheaper, but flex could be worth in for you.
  • Living Off-campus? Look into off-campus plans, but be mindful. Meal swipes are about $8/meal, you can get $450 flex points for $427, evaluate what's best for you

Phil and Alumni Engagement

Next week: Skype Interview with OUAA Board member Stacia Taylor

  • CEO of AWT Business Inc.
  • Works with: Strategic Consulting, Brand Development, and Manufacturing
  • look her up and prepare some questions for her

Women’s Leadership Symposium w/ CSU
  • Free for all students! - Point if you go (almost full - see Katrina if you didn't make the cut!)

Bobcat2Bobcat Panel
    • Saturday - April 23rd @ 3PM in Bobcat Student Lounge

Allison and Student Outreach

Senior Week and Bobcat vs. Food!

  • Tuesday of senior week, Scripps Ampetheater, 5:00pm
  • Sign ups coming around next week, We’ll have 2 SAB Bobcat vs. Food teams!

Follow us on your social media accounts!


Facebook: Student Alumni Board


  1. Kendra
  2. Kayli
  3. Me
  4. Hannah

If you have a unique name, let Allison know so you can get a point!

Alysha and Fundraising

Finals Week Survival Bag assembly will be MANDATORY April 17th @ 6:45pm

Amanda and Philanthropy

Mom's Walk- Thanks to everyone who participate in the mom’s walk

Extra Volunteer Opportunity:

  • One point - one per semester

Bare on the Bricks is April 20!!!

  • Tabling: April 18-20th 11am-3pm
  • Mandatory to do two shifts, Email with work or class excuses!
  • Pre-run 7-8 PM
  • Run kick-off at 8
  • Pizza after
  • Get ready to make Athens glow!

Emily and Internal Activities

Buddy Family Week: April 11th-15th

ALL EVENTS ARE MANDATORY- email with work or class excuses

Difference between points and stars

  • Point counts toward your 15 points for the semester
  • A star counts toward your buddy family week score

Sign up here:


Monday- Big Little Reveal (MANDATORY)

Date: April 11th

Time: Families 5:30 pm Littles: 6pm

Place: Konneker

Point: 1 point for coming


  • 1 star for your entire family being there
  • 1 star if your entire family is dressed the same

Tuesday- Assassin (MANDATORY)

Date: April 12th

Time: 6pm

Place: Konneker

Point: 1 point for coming


  • 1 star for your entire family being there
  • 1 star if your entire family is dressed the same
  • 1 star for the winning family member

Wednesday- Picnic In The Park (MANDATORY)

Date: April 13th

Time: 5pm

Place: Tailgreat Park

Point: 1 point for coming, 1 point for bringing a dish


  • 1 star for your entire family being there
  • 1 star if your entire family is dressed the same
  • 1 star for every side you bring

Thursday- Bowling Tournament (MANDATORY)

Date: April 14th

Time: 7pm

Place: Rollerbowl Lanes

Point: 1 point for coming


  • 1 star for your entire family being there
  • 1 star if your entire family is dressed the same
  • 1 star for the highest family average score

Friday- Glow In The Dark Capture The Flag (MANDATORY)

Date: April 15th

Time: 8pm

Place: Konneker Front Lawn

Point: 1 point for coming


  • 1 star for your entire family being there
  • 1 star if your entire family is dressed the same
  • 1 star for the winning team

Justin and Member at Large Info

Office Hours: By Appointment Only!

He will not be hosting anymore Coffee with Katrina because of work commitments for the semester.

Thinktank- This Tuesday, April 5th @ 6pm!

Raffling off cool prizes for those over 15 points

  • each point over required number is 1 raffle ticket in the basket!

Let him know if you have important things going on in your life or in your friends lives. He will send them wishes of luck, congratulations, etc at meetings!

His contact info:



That's all folks.

Until next week. This is Kate Stone with your meeting minutes.