Voc. 8 Presentatoin

Jacob Fleming, 3/26/15

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Aaaaand now it's time for....GUESS...THAT...WORD!

The .... of my graduation paper was that we should lower the minimum wage, but both the AP English teacher and the AP US History teacher quickly shot it down.
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Did you get it??? Here's what it means in case it was a lucky guess.

Premise: (Noun) (Can be used as a verb when it is a legal term)

1. A proposition offered for a basis for argument. (A bit like a thesis, but it's really more what helps you come up with your thesis)

2. In logic, each of the first two propositions in a syllogism.

Practice from VCR

(Best Synonym) And why?

7A- 7. Beginning with the premise: a. assumption b. syllogism c. boldness d. antithesis e. archetype

Synonyms and Antonyms


1. Assumption

2. Basis

3. Proposition


1. Denial

2. Rejection

3. Fact


Practice (Let's see if you've got it)

Which of the following uses "Premise" incorrectly?

1. The premise for Harry Potter was a boy goes to a school for wizards.

2. The idea that raising the minimum wage would cause a double in prices for goods became the premise for an argumentative paper written by a conservative Republican against the change.

3. The premise of the story did not resolve anything that happened throughout.

Are there any questions?

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