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Maintain, Don't Gain!

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Merry Merry Christmas!!

We have almost made it to Christmas! How are you doing? Maintaining? Gaining?...

Honestly, I have struggled much more this year than last. I am, however, determined to get back on track and muster up some motivation to push through to the new year!! We can do this!

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How is this for motivation...When we get out for Christmas Break, we will only have 100 days until Spring Break!!


I do not want to move past Christmas (at all), but to put it into perspective, 100 days is not very long to get us where we want to be for Spring Break. That is enough for me to put the breaks on this gluttonous gorge fest and reconsider what is going into my mouth!

In honor of 100 days, I have found some recipes, tips and ideas I want to share with you.

If you do have an extra treat, use these simple tips to get back on track...

Don't forget to stay emotionally well during the holidays...

Thank you Mrs. LeBeau for the info on Sports Com and Patterson Park! In case you missed it...

FYI...the Sports Com/Patterson community Center is offering buy one get one free until the end of Dec. You can buy by the month or for the entire year. I join for a year for $112.50. That includes the weight room and track at both places. I pay $1 for each class I want to attend. You can spend more if you want to include classes and the indoor pool.
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Don't forget to weigh in this week! Also, our last weigh in, for Maintain, Don't Gain, will be January 8th. Prizes will be given out at that time!

Monday, Dec. 14th, 8am to Friday, Dec. 18th, 10:30am

Health Office

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We will start The Biggest Loser the week we come back. Watch for more info!

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