Big Blue Summer

Week 4

Big Blue Counselor of the Week!

Shane S. - Group 2A

A junior at Gill St. Bernard's School, second year as a counselor at The Pingry School, loves playing basketball. His favorite color is orange and he loves to vacation in Florida.

"Shane is really funny and he plays fun games with us! He is really good at the sports we play and makes it fun" - camper

Hi-Tech Counselor of the Week!

Manini A. - Lead Instructor- Programming: Python

A sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, first year working with Hi-Tech camps, enjoys sharing her passion for programming and Computer Science with campers, also interestested in tennis and cyberstudy.

"Manini's smile and patience make learning complicated programming concepts easy" - camper

Elefante Intern of the Month!

Samantha S. - Dance Instructor

An incoming freshman at Manhattanville College, enjoys dancing in her free time especially Modern, loves working here at Elefante because of the kids.

"Sam is super happy and so nice to us. She's good at going through the dances slowly so everyone understands it. She's also really funny and has pretty hair." - camper

Big Blue Summer Week 4
Pingry Big Blue Summer Week 4