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How To Escape

  • Although abolitionists like Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey revolt against the use of slaves, their effort has not done enough for the freedom of blacks
  • Begin your escape from the peculiar institution late at night
  • As soon as overseer turns out the lights in the big house, act as if you're getting out of bed to use the "necessary", look out to the dark sky and find the North Star, since blacks can live free in Canada the star can help you in your trek up North
  • As well as the North Star, moss on trees can help in your sense of direction: it usually grows on the side of the tree facing North
  • Your trek should only be travelled through the night: daylight is too easy for masters to find their fugitive slaves and punish them with methods such as flogging.
  • When escaping, travel through streams and sources of water to rid of your scent for dogs to catch
  • Although traveling at night, be cautious of traps and snares left throughout your run
  • Bounty hunters are also a risk during your escape; they turn in slaves to their masters for money
  • The Underground Railroad will assist you greatly as well. It was created by abolitionists that sought to help slaves escape their masters: it consisted of several informal connections of families, people, and homes scattered around the United States that supported the African American fugitives.

Terms Used

Darkies: baggage or passengers

Stationmasters: people that can house runaway slaves (houses are considered stations)

Conductors: people that guide slaves to safe places

Stockholders: people that supply slaves with food and money

Heaven: North of the divide between slave states and free states, Canada

The Journey from Georgia to Canada

The escape route will begin in Georgia. From there you'll travel up North through Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. Throughout your escape from the plantation, people will supply you with food, money, and shelter. Once you cross the Ohio River, you'll finally be out of the black belt, and in the Northern territory of the U.S., where slavery is outlawed. Although you've passed from slave to free states, it's still considered illegal to house and support runaway slaves in Northern states: slaves will be returned to the Southern states. The safest haven for you is in Canada, where slavery is outlawed and bounty hunters cannot apprehend slaves.

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