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Why One Piece is the most popular anime in the world


  • Nowadays, some people in the world like movies, some people like cars, I belong to the kind of people who like animations. There is one anime I like the most which is called One Piece. This anime started from 1997 from Japan, it’s an ole anime and it is still going on. I started watching it when I was grade 5 because my friend’s recommendation. I fell love with it immediately. It shows me friendships, loves and faith. I really like this anime and got lots of positive energy from it. This is why I want to share this.
  • In this anime, it shows people much positive things such as never give up what people are always looking for or people’s dream, fight for it and we could make it. Also this anime shows people clearly every protagonists’ personality, each one is different but people always like them. They are so different at beginning, but they still fight for each other. People now in the world admire that kind of friendships but it is unreal. I think this might be why people like it because they could not get something in the real world.

Poems of One Piece

Two from research

One Piece

One Piece , you tear me apart

so much more

than anything has

ever before

One piece, how dare you

make me feel

Pain and joy, at once,

in tears and squeals?

One Piece, I hate your another

and I hate you

But somehow I find

this statement untrue

I've never given up on

Luffy or strawhats

even when his crew

were beat up like trash.

I know that they'll

overcome it all

Even after the time

when everyone falls.

Oda made me believe

that no one would die,

Then tore me apart

when I found that a lie.

One piece, I've never

felt so much before.

I hate you forever.


One Piece--- My story

Hand on hat and adventure in mind

I sail with friends (who took 300+ episodes to find)

To seek the gold

Of legends told

The One Piece will soon be mine

My poem

Luffy - Conventions

"I just want to sail to that place"

He said with rotating his precious hat


"I don't understand"

Wine drop alongside the cheek

That must feel not good

But how could he still smile

Feels nothing

That day

You put your precious hat on my head

Hide the tears on my face

Don't I just find

the friends I could give my life to

So there would be nothing

Nothing could stop me

"I'm the man to be the king of the pirates!"

Since I said this

I never forget

The Story of One Piece
Why One Piece Works So Well

Research of my topic

Seth Yang

English IV

Mrs. Grubbs

5 December 2014

Why One Piece is the most popular anime in the world in last 15 years

There are really a bunch of reasons to like One Piece. It's got a very likable main cast of characters, with tons of memorable supporting characters and antagonists. The One Piece universe as a whole is one of the more fleshed out ones I've come across, and it just seems like so much about the world has been carefully planned out. Likewise, it feels like there's been an incredible amount of attention paid to the main plot's finer details, with some subtle foreshadowing often leading to big developments hundreds of episodes after the fact. Also, it's still amazing how seamlessly the show can transition from awesome action to drama to comedy and anything else there is to offer. It's got awesome arcs with plenty of unique characters and abilities, plus the main character and his crews interactions is one of the best parts of One Piece.(why is One Piece...)

In 2010, volume 57 of One Piece sold a record-breaking 3 million copies in its first edition. That same year, volume 54 of Naruto sold 1.5 million copies and volume 27 of Full Metal Alchemistsold 1 million in their first printings. The above two are merely the outstanding mangas, as most do not even go above 1 million sales.

One Piece sold over 40 million copies total last year, which is roughly 6 percent of all manga sales in Japan. With the One Piece gallery exhibition going on in Tokyo, the series seems to show no sign of slowing down.(Japan Tried To...)

Also when you could feel what protagonists’ feeling, it will make you shed tears of joy and sadness. When you watch one piece you get a sense of adventure that no other anime delivers quite as well. The amazing thing about one piece is that its writer found a way to tell a HUGE story that got twist plots and so much glamor while giving the audience a feeling of adventure that will never make you lose interest in the characters or the story. (One Piece Comments)
For every episode you will watch you will be wondering what kind of adventure will be waiting for them next. You will be sad when the characters are sad you will laugh when they laugh and you will cry you eyeballs out when something happen to them.

· One Piece actually translating from Japanese to English is “ The Great Treasure of One Piece", it is a legendary treasure said to be of unimaginable value. It is said that it was hidden somewhere deep in the Grand Line, presumably in the last island, Raftel, by its deceased owner, the Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Before Pirate King Gol D. Roger was executed, he announced to the world that his great treasure, One Piece, can be claimed by anyone worthy enough to reach it, thus starting the "Pirate Era". ( One Piece)

The Mystery of the Great Treasure

Aside from the Roger Pirates and Whitebeard, before their death, no one actually knows where the great treasure is. Given the recurring theme of treasure being something of great personal value (for example protagonist’s hat), One Piece may simply be an item that Gol D. Roger valued. In Buggy's flashback to his days as a member of the Roger Pirates, he discussed with Shanks the meaning of a treasure, and he found that all the crew shared the same views regarding personal value. The closest the Straw Hat Pirates have ever come to finding out the nature of One Piece was during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc when Usopp tried to ask Silvers Rayleigh about it. However, Luffy stopped Usopp from discussing the treasure on the grounds that it would defeat the purpose of their adventures, and that becoming the Pirate King would have little merit if he already knew about the One Piece.

After constant speculations and doubts, the existence of the treasure was confirmed by Whitebeard with his last breath. He mentioned that "a grand battle will engulf the entire world" and "the world will be shaken to its core" when One Piece is found.

This animation is not just making people feel hot about those boxing and fighting, there are also a lot of their real core --- friendship, team jobs, dreams, consistent and also honest. Although we are very far away from the pirates, but somethings on them are what we are looking for and desire to. (为什么海贼王这么好看)

The mangaka of One Piece did not draw those protagonist really beautiful and handsome, of course he could but he did not. He chose to just use simple lines to describe protagonists, because he knew if he do that people would start comparing which protagonist is more beautiful or handsome. He does not want to be that, so he just use simple lines and make everyone looks like the same. He is smart. There are also plenty of emotion and loves in this anime. When people sometimes are enjoying their love between each other, they always would be shocked by their pass.

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Seth Yang

English IV

Mrs. Grubbs

5 December 2014

· I have watched many Japanese animes, which is also called manga. One Piece is always my favorite, and I talk about it all the time with my friends who also like it. It is very famous in the whole world, it can be found everywhere, in bookstores, game stores, cloth stores and even some people like to COSPLAY them around people’s lives. I made many friends by it, we started communicating about it. We talked about the stories, the protagonists, and also those cool abilities in the anime. People talk about those for different reasons. I believe the one is they are really interested in the story and like those characters. Others probably like it because of all the action that the storyline provides. The player gets to see sharpshooting, kickboxing, boxing, fencing, and all around martial-arts. These all are not going to happen in the real world; people only could look at them in the anime, there would happen what they want to happen.

· As the protagonist in the One Piece, he is very cherished by his companions, his friends. He sees them as family. He could sacrifice everything for his companions. This is also why people like him. He is cute but he is very serious when he faces his friends. People like guys like him. This feeling is most lacking in today's society. It is only in the anime to find true friendship and pure friendship. I think this is also why people like anime. One of the most moving parts I like is whom protagonist’s old ship was broken so badly, they could not sail it anymore, but the ship already had his own soul. He knew all the things, he protected protagonist before, and they went through lots of things together. It could not travel with them anymore; it was old and broken. Protagonist burned the ship himself, feeling like he killed his best friend by his own hand. I cried so hard and never watched that episode again. People like that kind of feeling, being sad when the characters are sad and laughing when they laugh, and crying when something happen to them.