Mrs. Nutt's Newsletter

Austin Elementary

Our Week In Review

Week of April 7-13

Language Arts

*practice writing all lower case letters

*Word Wall Words - around, always, outside, eight

*sequence the events of a story


*Thinking Map - Flow Map

*Making Words Lesson - animals

We are reading...


*Zoo Animals

*Animals That Build Their Homes

*Zelda, Zack and Zodiac

*Goodnight, Gorilla



*identify two dimensional shapes and name their characteristics

*compare how shapes are alike and different

*combine two dimensional figures to create a target shape in multiple ways

*review addition and subtraction math facts


*classify types of animals

*identify the basic needs of animals

*learn about a food change

*understand how animals adapt to their environment

Upcoming Events

*Library books are due on Thursdays.

*April 17 - Fort Worth Zoo Field Trip

*April 25 - Cluster Showcase

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.