Hurried Child Syndrome

Your Child May Feel Hurried.

Definition of a Hurried Child

A hurried child is one that feels they have to do everything. Their parents make them feel as though failing is not an option. They also feel like they have to prove themselves to everyone around them.

The Problem with Hurried Children

Children today feel more pressured today than what they would have had back then. The feel like they have to prove themselves not only to their parents, but to their coaches and their friends. The competition in today's events are more intense than what they would have been years ago. The pressure to be "good" is higher also. When children are hurried in life, they have more of a chance of abusing drugs and alcohol. The rate of suicide is also increased for hurried children.

What is Too Much Pressure?

Instead of asking their children what they would like to do, a lot of parents just make their children do what they think is right for them. They don't sit down and talk to their children like they should be talked to. Instead of making your child do something, why don't you just ask them what they want to do? Give them options in life. Don't make your child do something just because you want to see them do it. This will prevent your child from despising you.

Causes of Hurried Children

  • Pressure to be "good"
  • Wanting to be like others
  • Parents wanting more out of child
  • Growing up way too fast

Effects of a Hurried Child

  • Stress
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  • Rebelliousness
  • Increased Maturity Level
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Higher Suicide Rate

How Can You Prevent Your Child From Being Hurried?

One thing you can do for your child to prevent them from being hurried is let them have a mind of their own. Encourage them to do things they don't feel confident in, but don't "push" them to do things they don't really enjoy. Give your children the tools they need to be a successful adult one day. Don't make them despise you or rebel against you in the end. Nurture them so that they one day won't hurry their children.