We have a fair goverment!

Why you should join us?

We have a fair government and we work and still have fun! Our government allows people to vote and see how the government actually works. Even though we have younger people who work in the council we still take pride in teaching them, and the Sparta has 60 year old's working in the council and since they are older they could forget things that they have learned making it a lot harder. It was also very hard to live till you where 60 because if you got sick they couldn't give you treatment. Having their government fall.


Our government is a supreme, in the democracy we allow people to make decisions for how the government works. To get into the assembly you need to be a free male at least the age of 18. If you want to join the council any citizen can join, rich or poor is free to join this group the max umber of people that can join is...500!!

We have 10 generals that command the army and the navy.


They value our temples and they say "it is our responsibility to protect defend and repair. They value art, and learning. They have monuments that attract people from across seas. They take pride in having boys become good citizens. They also take pride in letting the children have fun like doing races, long jump, and javelin throw. And finally they take GREAT pride in their writers.


Yes we do have a trading system. They trade mostly by water which brings lots of people to trade with if they can get to the ATHENS.Some things that we trade olive oil, honey, and pottery. We trade theses goods for other goods such as grain for bread and to feed our animals and wood for our homes and for fires.
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olive tree

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Why you shouldn't go to SPARTA

Don't go to sparta! They conquer other places to get more land and make everyone that they conquered become their "helot" aka slave. They don't trade with other places the just keep getting more and more every time a new place was conquered.