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Week of October 28, 2018

At Paxton, we do everything with PRIDE, PASSION & PURPOSE in EPIC proportions!

Let's make it P.O.P!


Paxton School enables student achievement with a dynamic faculty devoted to high academic standards and commitment to continuous improvement and success.

It’s H.A.M.R. Time!

High Expectations + Accountability + Motivation = Results

EPIC Shout Out!


EPIC shoutout to Mrs. McGlaun for spending her lunchtime with students to teach them guitar. My daughter loves it!

EPIC shoutout to whoever put the automatic air fresheners in the teacher's lounge bathroom. It smells so much better in there now!!!

In the Spotlight

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Paxton's 3-D Art Class, under the guidance of art teacher Mrs. Wilson, has created some spooky characters using pumpkins as a medium!
This video reminds me about the importance of shifting our focus from grades to learning.

Differentiated Accountability: We are proudly educating 802 future leaders.

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Instructional Focus - Learning Targets

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We are fortunate, FLDOE has already identified our essential standards for us, so the first step is taken care of…. Its just up to us to know these standards and plan effectively by creating student friendly learning targets and student activities that reflect the level of cognitive complexity required by the standards.

A helpful tool Mr. Jackson and I use to identify standards as we are doing walkthroughs is the Florida Standards App. This tool helps us ensure that the lessons we are observing are to the depth of the grade level standards being taught. If you see us looking on our phones during walkthroughs, just know we are not distracted…we are looking at your learning target and your student’s work and then looking at the standards to see if they’re all in alignment.

Professional Development Updates

  • October 29th - Primary ELA CAP - CHAT from 8-3 (K-2 ELA Teacher Reps.)
  • October 30th - 5th Grade Science CAP - CHAT from 8-3 (All 5G Science Teachers)
  • October 30th - AP CAP/Instructional Partners - Title I Room from 8-3 (AP Teachers, US History and Civics Teachers)
  • October 31st - Writing Training - Paxton Conference Rm. from 8-3 (Wright, Orange, Adams, & Loyed)
  • November 6th - Vertical Planning w/Shannon Seigler - Sci/SS from 8-9:30; English from 9:45-3:00 (Location TBD)
  • November 9th - i-Ready Training (same schedule and location as the first training)

Important Information

  • Safety: Fire Drill on Oct. 30th at 8:30 a.m.
  • Student Performance Measures/VAM: Tuesday, October 30th is the final day to ask questions regarding your student performance measure/VAM scores.
  • Deliberate Practice: Please have this completed before our meeting. Meetings will begin on November 1st. You were sent an invitation, if you are not going to be here, please send Ms. Cain an alternative time so she can schedule a meeting with you. (Example: Goal #1 - As a result of incorporating daily learning targets in my classroom, students will increase their ______ performance from ____ to ____.)
  • Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom: It is imperative ALL teachers adhere to the following classroom procedures regarding cell phone usage in the classroom. All cell phones are to be off and out of sight in the classroom. This includes listening to music with earphones. Classroom Disciplinary Procedures regarding cell phones: Record the infraction on the Behavior Tracking Form in the Student Planner and take the phone up. The phone should be sent to the office and parents will be contacted. It is imperative we all have the same expectations regarding cell phone usage in the classroom.
  • Attendance: Attendance should be taken each day. Secondary teachers need to take attendance each period in an effort to monitor students throughout the day.
  • Passes: If you give verbal permission for students to go to the bathroom before the tardy bell, please ask them to take a pass.
  • Substitutes: Please use only the CURRENT and APPROVED Substitute List if you choose to obtain your own substitutes. Also, when making substitute notes, please include that students are not allowed to use cell phones. All cell phones should be OFF and Out of Sight.
  • Passwords: Please do NOT give out your passwords to anyone.
  • Absences: Any time you are going to be out, please contact Ms. Cain, Ms. Neale, or Mr. Jackson.
  • I will be at FHS's VIEW meeting on Wednesday, October 31st. If you need me, email or text me.
  • Mr. Jackson will be at SWHS's VIEW meeting on Thursday, November 1st.

October Happenings:

October is Bullying Prevention Month:

Bullying Resources for Educators

How can I create a bully-free school environment?

Adult intervention is one of the best defenses against bullying. Educators can first learn the warning signs as well as the myths of bullying, especially of social bullying, which research indicates is more difficult for adults to identify than other forms of bullying. Educators can intervene when they see bullying occur and can send a clear message that the school does not tolerate bullying. Some steps that schools can take to ensure a bully-free school environment include the following: (1) identify where and when bullying occurs; (2) train all school personnel to recognize bullying; (3) increase adult supervision at campus "hot spots"; (4) create an anti-bullying task force charged with educating students and staff; and (5) integrate anti-bullying materials into curriculum for discussion and role-play. Educators can use staff meetings, assemblies, parent conferences, and most importantly daily interactions with students to establish a culture of acceptance, tolerance and respect.

I am going through this FREE training. If you would like to create a group and work through the modules together, please touch base with me.

Calendar Additions:

NOTE: If there are any changes or additions, please contact the front office.

Math PLC - 4th Period

Monday, Oct. 29th, 10:30am

Conference Room

Science PLC - 4th Period

Tuesday, Oct. 30th, 10:30am

Paxton, FL, USA

Paxton, FL

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 29th, 7:45am to Friday, Nov. 2nd, 3pm

Paxton School, U.S. 331, Paxton, FL, USA

Fall Festival

Friday, Nov. 2nd, 5pm

Paxton School