Trade Routes

Through the 1450-1750



-The Casta system was a hierarchical system created by the Spanish to classify where people belong in their social stratosphere.

-As trade became more important merchants worth also grew. While previously in areas like china, merchants were viewed as lower class and unimportant, because they only profited off of others hard work, they were now viewed as the life blood of a growing economy.

-Due to an increase in food availability to the European middle-class families grew and people had more children.

-The Atlantic slave trade was responsible for Europeans to lower the position Africans on their social hierarchy.

-the lifestyle of Europeans increase with the new diet and luxury commodities.


-Before, the Columbian exchange native American civilizations were self-governing bodies but when the Europeans came they took over and forced all Amerindians under European rule.

-East India companies started emerging in every major western European country. These east India companies acted as their own self-governing nations but were backed with the power of whatever country the represented.

-Feudalism gave way to a mercantile government and the first form of socialism.

-Due to the serious inflation in the Asian markets many farmer lost their jobs and political chaos rained.

-The Chinese government while previously wanted to keep china secluded opened its borders for trade when they saw that the Europeans had lots of silver.


-Smallpox brought from the old world was the grim reaper to Amerindian populations. The Smallpox epidemic is thought to have been the cause of the fall of many pyramid building civilizations in latin America.

-After the discovery of the new world, West Europe scrambled to set up settlements and colonies in the Americas so that they could trade across the Atlantic.

-The forced displacement of African slaves created a large population of Africans in the Americas.

-The Columbian exchange was reasonable fo many environmental changes in the new and old world. The potato famine in the old, and deforestation and overfarming in the new.

-Due to te greed of the Dutch east India the whole population of a spice island was deported or killed.


-Voodoo was a direct product of native African religions and European catholicism. Without the Slave Trade it is likely that we would never have had this product of religious syncretism.

-Mixing of mestizo culture with European Catholicism was another example of religious syncretism.

-New technologies were brought to the Americas such as paper and better navigation equipment as well as many types metallurgy.

-The increase of trade in the 1450s-1750s lead to an increase in the spread of Christianity and Islam.


-silver became an economic staple during the 1450s-1750s due to its worth in Asian markets. As its importance rose silver bars became a globalized currency.

-East India companies were driving the economies of the major European countries and struggled to monopolize spices and other luxury goods.

-Cash crops such as sugar, tobacco, and cotton were being grown on plantations in the new European countries.

-This was that start of a truly globalized trading economy where all parts of the world were connected and trading regularly and depended on each other.

-colonies were started in the new world by the European powers to act as trading ports in the new world as well as producers of luxury goods. Brazil was a big producer f silver which was desired by the Asian markets as well as producing sugar.