Incandescent Light Bulb

By Thomas Alva Edison


The incandescent lamp was the second form of electric light to be developed for commercial use after the carbon arc lamp. It is the second most used lamp in the world.
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Humphry Darvy created the 1st incandescent light by passing current through a platinum strip. It didn't last very long, But this stated the development of the light bulb.

Joseph swan and Thomas Edison independently his success by making a bulb that would last for a reasonable number of hours.

Edison 1st used carbonized sewing thread as a filament, he managed to get it inside the vacuum. this made the 1st practical light bulb.

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How was it used? How did it change life?

the light bulb changed life as we know it now. It made it so companions can work more. So they can work at night as well as the day. The light bulb made life simpler. It gave us light and so we can work in the day as well as night.

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