By Justin Hendryx


In 1950 BCE., Abraham left Ur an went west towards Canaan. Abraham's sons are Isaiah and Isaac but there is only one father of judaism, Isaac. A covenant is a promise or an agreement. Abraham is to give the ultimate sacrifice, his son. Abraham instead gave God a lamb so Abraham could keep his son.


The Pharaoh used the Jews as slaves until Moses told the Pharaoh that bad things would happen until he set the Israelites free. He promised plagues (some like locus, frogs, and blood). God told moses the 10 commandments and expected him to make everyone else follow them and believe in only one god. The pharaoh was fearful of their growing strength,the pharaoh forced them into slavery.


Around 1000 BCE. the Israelites where at war with a rival people, the Philistines. In the Hebrew Bible, the Philistines promised to be the Israelites slaves if an Israelite could beat their fiercest warrior, the giant Goliath so David stepped up and volunteered even though he isn't a full grown man and defeated the Goliath. Davit became famous. Solomon was Davids son so he will be the next king.


After Solomon's father's death, (David) he becomes king around 965 B.C.E. Solomon became famous by building the Great Temple of Jerusalem. Because of his great leadership, this is now the most holy place of Judaism even to this very day.