Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

December 7th - 11th


December 10th - Woodland Winter Family Night

December 15th - First Grade Winter Program @1:30


*Sound Say 13 paper due on Friday!

Monday - Reading Book Baggy

Tuesday - Math practice

Wednesday - Reading (Journeys Reader - Seasons)

Thursday - Math Practice


Journeys Text of the Week: Seasons (Informational Text)

Skill - Cause and Effect

Phonics - Digraphs sh/wh/ph / Contractions with 's and n't

Grammar - Subject and Verbs

Words to Know - down / fall / goes / green / grow / open / new / yellow

Spelling - Words with sh/wh/ph - ship / which / when / shell / shop / graph / whip / fish ***Bonus Words*** shopping / Christmas

TEST Friday! *Bonus Words - Students who do not miss any on the Pre-test, taken Monday, may also practice the bonus words for the test on Friday.


Chapter #9 - Length

- Continue to practice measuring objects.

*Hensler's Hints*

- Create Christmas themed math story problem. Bring in for us to solve!

- Practice measuring objects around your house, (Measure using a non-standard unit or to the nearest inch)

- Write a holiday story and bring in to share.

- Practice songs and movements for our upcoming program! :)