Viking E-BLAST

September 9, 2013


Our first All Saints PARENT ASSOCIATION meeting will be held Wednesday, September 11th at Noon in the Gathering Area of the 3rd-5th Grade building. ALL are WELCOME to attend! Come hear the Parent Association plans for the year and find out how YOU can help make it happen! Our 2nd Grade students will provide entertainment and share with us a couple of their favorite songs - JOIN US! (Click on the video below for a Public Service Announcement provided by our 2nd Graders!)



Tuesday, September 10th (tomorrow!) is our first Holy Communion service of the year. Field trip uniform is required for 1st through 8th Grade students. SPECIAL EXCEPTION: Boys may wear shorts due to heat and humidity.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO WORSHIP WITH US beginning at 8:15AM in St. Stephen's sanctuary.


The 6th Grade Drama class has been watching Casablanca, studying several themes throughout their introduction to classic cinema: How cinema can become part of the fabric of American culture (Can you name the 7 famous quotes from the movie?); Brief history lesson and overview of Germany's domination over Europe; Deeper understanding of refugees, immigration and visas. For the viewing of the final scene of the movie, Mrs. Young, with the help of Mrs. Celia Coleman and Mrs. Karen Mills, provided a Moroccan feast for the students and transformed the drama room into "Rick's Cafe." Please click on the Smilebox below for a visual feast of true experiential learning at its best!