Rountree Report

October 1, 2015

The Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective

Fall has arrived!

Fall is my favorite time of year! I hope you have been or are planning to enjoy fall festivals, football, and pumpkin flavored treats with your family. Remember to stay balanced!

Wish Lists -- I have not received any wish lists for PTA yet. Those are due to my mailbox by the end of the day on Friday. Items that would be good for the list include literacy resources, maker space resources, and flexible seating items. PTA wants to grant some wishes so please get your list turned in.

Birthday/Cleaning Buddies -- Please make sure you check the Birthday Buddy list for your month to tidy up the workroom. The workroom needs to have tables wiped, fridge wiped down, as well as microwaves cleaned out. It is not a fun job but, if we all take turns it will stay nice and spiffy! Also, if you signed up for the birthday list be sure to check for the month that your group needs to provide lunch. Thank you to last month's buddies for the taco feast! If you are no longer interested in participating--or if we as a group would like to discontinue the birthday list please let me know.

Inquiry -- Check out this short article about launching an inquiry based classroom. Many of these things you are already doing. Which ones can you focus on more? Are there some ideas you would like to try? (

Lexia -- If you have students that are testing out of Lexia be sure to email Matt Rosebrough to request access to the next level program.

The week at a glance below is a live link to the ishare calendar for your convenience.

For your planning purposes note the following dates;

**Our IT department is still working with the report card company to get the grade cards ready in eschool. This may mean we will not be able to look at report cards as planned next Tuesday. However, I will make myself available for any staff that would like to have additional conversation around the report card. Just let me know.

**Staff meetings in October will be on October 13th and October 20th due to the availability of the presenters. October 13th will be a presentation on Poverty with Dr. Anderson. October 20th will be a presentation on verbal de-escalations skills.

**October 27th will be the late night for conference week.

Monday, October 5

Chipolte Night 5-9 This was a big fundraiser for PTA last year.

Tuesday, October 6

Optional Report card meeting 4:00

Wednesday, October 7

I will be out at Principal's Meeting

Picture day

4th grade play practice 1:00

Thursday, October 8

Report Card Parent Meeting 6-7

Friday, October 9

Flu Clinic

1st grade field trip 9:00

Fire Prevention lessons (please check the schedule for your time and location)

4th grade field trip 8:15