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October 4, 2019

A Moment of Thanks

Talking about the elephant in the middle of the room, I'm going to state that this week was a rough one. It was rough for those who were directly involved with the situation with our prek student the most, but all of us have had heavy hearts for a few days. We all as professionals pride ourselves on the level of work and support we show our students and families. When we let a child or family down, it hurts. We have been through a variety of emotions since Wednesday including relief (that she was safe), hurt, angry, frustrated, and sad. Many of you may have played the "what if" game with a variety of different outcomes to what happened on Wednesday--a few ending in tragic circumstances. It really has been horrible.

What I can say, to find a light in this situation is that there is great support in our Lincoln Family. I cannot speak for Anitra, but I hope she felt supported during this ordeal by myself, Lincoln staff, and district employees. As the "face" of our school through this, I greatly appreciate all of you for your support and am so glad to be side by side with you here at Lincoln. Dr. Doran has been incredibly supportive and helpful to us during the investigation, in addition to Mr. Nash and Dr. Moorhouse. This situation is one you would never want to happen to anyone but we were fortunate to be supported by the immediate action of our office staff, support staff, and teachers who quickly jumped into action to address the situation.

Not once did anyone in our building turn and point fingers on another person. Not once did anyone every say it was someone fault. It was truly an incident that could have happened to anyone and I appreciate every text, email, and stop by my office to show support. We will be putting some new protocols in place and eventually you 'll see new alarms on doors, but in the meantime, be vigilant, keep your eyes open, and count heads.

Blazing Trails for Borden Park

This Thursday and Friday will be our trips to Borden Park as our 9 weeks behavior party. At this time the weather looks to be sunny and 75--a great two days to be at the park! Please be sure to be transparent with students and their parents if they are not attending. It should not be a great deal of students. If you do have students who did not earn the trip, please designate a grade level person who will be staying behind--teacher or IA--who will supervise the student(s). Grade levels are responsible for providing a learning time for students to reflect on their behavior and setting goals with action steps to help them get to the next party.

Please refer to the master calendar for times that you will be going to the park. As with last year, the goal is to have the students back in the building at the ending time noted on the calendar. So if it takes 10 minutes to walk to the park, you'll need to accomidate for about 5 minutes to line up, count heads, and then walk back. We will provide you with a detailed schedule early next week.

9 weeks assessment--THIS WEEK

The nine week assessments are scheduled for October 7-10. The assessments and scantrons are in Ms. Sheppard’s office for pick up on Monday. Labels are printed, however they have not been placed on scantrons, as there was no office support Friday. There will be scantron cards for each student and for each test. You need to schedule time to administer the assessments by Thursday end of day. Scanning of the scantron cards will occur on Friday, October 11 at 9:00 a.m. at Sevier. Therefore, please return the scantron cards to Ms. Sheppard by the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 10th.

Work with your grade level IAs to designate a time and location for those who have read aloud accommodations. Please plan on placing a sign outside the door of the space where you will be administering small group read aloud tests. Look to use one of 3 spaces first, then contact the office if they are unavailable:

1. Ben Carson room

2.Office conference room (check to see if it is free)

3.Office upstairs adjacent to the Sped room - Hubmann uses as an office at times.

You may start students with extended time in your room and send them out with an IA to finish if they do not finish or need additional time.

Please try to work around RTI as much as humanly possible.


Are you experiencing issues with technology and need support? Starting on Monday, October 21, 2019 you will simply be able to send an email to The subject of the email is the ticket title, and the body of the email is the problem description. This should make submitting a ticket easier for everyone.

This replaces the technology ticket system! I am excited about this new way of submitting technology issues as now we do not have to be at school in order to submit a technology trouble ticket!

Week at a Glance

Oct 7--Faculty Meeting--Library 3:40

Oct 8 & 9--PLC meetings focus on curriculum

Oct 8--SPARK, gym 3:30-5:00

Oct 9--Fall Festival Planning meeting 3:30-4:-- Conference room

Oct 10--Student of the Month Grades 3-5, auditorium 9:00-9:50

Oct 10--Borden Park Visit --see master calendar for grade level times

Oct 11--SPARK, gym 3:30-5:00

October 12-20--FALL BREAK!!!!!

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