WCHS Media Center Activities Report

February, 2016

Collection Circulation

When studying the data collected this month you will see that 722 books were checked out during the month of February. There are 259 books that are checked out currently, 116 are overdue, and 25 books have been labeled as lost for the year. The total unpaid fines for the month of February is $49.05. Fine reports are placed in teachers mailboxes to be issued to students each week. Below you find a graph showing the percentage of book checkouts for the month and for the year.
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Summary of Book Check-outs

From the charts above it is evident that the majority of checkouts are from the category of fiction, 60%. The majority of these check-outs are due to the fact that the fiction section of the media center has been updated with the input of students and teachers. Reading for the love of reading is still the number one reason students check-out books from the media center. There is clear evidence that students who read for pleasure score higher on standardized tests. Arts and Recreation were the close second with 28% of the check-outs. This is in large due to the amount of students who are involved in the Anime Club. These students check-out many graphic novels to read and draw pictures found in these books.

If you link Philosophy & Psychology, History & Geography, and Social Sciences together you will be looking at patrons who are doing research for the History department and assignments based on standards for this department. This section makes up 8% of the checkouts. Technology and Computer Science make up 2% of check-outs from the media center. Language and Literature make up 2% of book checkouts.

What truly stands out is the fact that three major sections have nearly 0% check-outs: Religion, Science, and Computer Science, Information, & General Works. This can be attributed to the fact that these three sections need a serious overhaul. The materials in these sections are severely out of date.

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The majority of the use in the media center is computer based. This could involve an entire class and research, research for school work, personal use, gaming, reading, and more. Some classes have 32 students in them. There are only 29 computers available for student use in the media center. I believe it should be a priority to purchase 3 more computers for the media center lab. Also many students could bring their own personal device. A cafe' motif lounge area would invite students in to use this area with comfortable seating to plug in and create a learning commons.

Materials Center Spending Update


As of the end of February, the media center at WCHS has a balance of $3,108.61. The total allotment for the year was $15,005.00. If you average the cost for 10 months that allows approximately $1500.00 a month spending. There are four months left thus putting us at only having approximately $750.00 per month to spend per month for the fiscal year. This will limit the amount of materials purchased such as ink cartridges, bulbs, and large scale printing jobs that are often required prior to EOCA testing.