Pope Paul III

Dylan Nation, Sara Stephens, Grace Wooten, Charlie Doubrava

Personal History

  • Born February 29, 1468, Canino, Italy
  • Died November 10, 1549 Rome Italy
  • Birth name Alessandro Farnese.
  • Partner- Silvia Ruffini

Where he is from

  • From Canino italy and moved to Rome.

Interesting facts

  • He's a pope.
  • Most holy man on earth voted by cardinals.
  • Man of keen intelligence, intense energy, and dogged tenacity.

Why he is famous

  • He's a pope, and one of the hardest times for the catholic church.
  • First pope to counter reformation.
  • He was a notable patron of the arts and at the same time encouraged the beginning of the reform movement that was to affect deeply the Roman Catholic Church in the later 16th century.
  • Became Cardinal before becoming a priest.

Impact on Reformation

  • The most important thing that he did was act as a counter-reformation leader
  • He forbade the sale of indulgences returning the catholic church credibility
  • He enforced deeper principles for selecting clergy to ensure the end of "indulgences" performed by immoral priests and clergy.