Mrs. Baker's Classroom News

Spring 2016


Just a few friendly reminders:

  1. Please continue to check you child's agenda nightly for any important information.
  2. Please make sure your child is completing their homework and turning it in on Fridays, as well as reading their 20 minutes each night.
  3. We started our multiplication challenge in early January & most students are doing GREAT! If your child is still on their "2" facts - they need EXTRA practice & should start writing their facts 3 times each. We have several that have made it to the "VIP" status & have earned all of their rewards to the movie party (which will be held in May).
  4. If you can donate any of the following, your child will receive a FREE homework pass:
  • Bag of individually wrapped candy for candy jar
  • Snacks for Treasure Box (ex: large bag of assorted chips, box of fruit roll ups, box of granola bars, box of assorted cookies, etc.)
  • Large bottle of Germ-X

Important Dates:

April 12th - Math Milestone

April 13th - Reading Milestone

May 9th - Math STAAR Test

May 10th - Reading STAAR Test