Biomedical Engineering

What they do...

Biomedical engineers use their knowledge of engineering, medicine, and biology to develop solutions to medical problems or procedures. Laser eye treatments, artificial organs, prosthetic limbs, and pacemakers are all examples of projects that biomedical engineers helped develop.
A Closer Look At: Biomedical Engineering

Pay and Benifits

Top 10% - $139,000+

Bottom 10% - $59,000

Median Pay - $86,000

Benifits - Benefits can include retirement plans, vacation days, health and life insurance plans, and additional benefits.


  • Good Job Outlook - Employment is increasing quickly due to increase of medical research centers
  • Potential For Good Salary - Starting salaries are among then top of all college graduates
  • Job Variety - many specializations within the field, creating a high varieties of jobs in the field
  • Self Satisfying - Self satisfaction from knowing your helping advance medical appliances to help people
  • Good Benifits - Good healthcare and retirement plans along with vacation hours/days

Education Needed

A bachelors degree is needed to get into basic level jobs, but higher education is needed to go further into the field along with specializations.


Most Biomedical Engineering jobs are located in Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois, where many medical research labs and other medical facilities are located.