Pasquotank River Basin

By: Sha'Maiya Johnson


The Pasquotank river basin is 3,366 square miles long, has 2,000 rivers and streams, has a population of 118,913 and 107 total miles of coastline.

Wildlife and Vegetation

Pasquotank River has many rare animals in it's basin like the Red Wolf, Loggerhead sea turtles, and green turtles

Threats to Water Quality

The Pasquotank River Basin has a generally good water quality.

The only threat it has is recall coliform and the loss of vegetation.

Protecting our River Basin for the Future!

Things like pollution, population urbanization, and many other things are destroying the river basins. In order to help protect the river we need to stop littering near where the trash could run off into the water. We need to stop taking land away from the animals just so that we can make ourselves more urban. Find spaces that the animals don't use instead of taking places where they've already made their own.

More Information

The Bodie Island Lighthouse, Wind surfing, Swimming, Hang-gliding, Fishing, and Bird Migrations are all popular attractions for tourist

The Battle of Elizabeth City was fought on the river, Has the tallest natural sand dune system in the eastern United states, It is 41% water, It has fewer people living there than any other NC river basin, Contains the counties oldest operating canal.