Instant Shock

words from books zap into my brain like getting electrocuted

About me

My name is Shannon Charleston, i'm a student and athlete at Lake Forest High School. On my free time I like playing games and going outside with my friends, also sometimes if there nothing to do i'll read a book but mostly fiction or autobiography. My metaphor suggest that when I find a book I like, then the words instantly goes into my head. The books that I finish reading I sometimes put them in alphabetical order or by page numbers.
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Annotating is one of the great ways to take notes while your doing an assignment or even reading a book, because when you go back to look for a answer or anything it'll right there because you took the time and wrote what happen in that exact page.
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how to handle unfamiliar words

  1. Try to pronouce the word.
  2. Re-read the whole sentence two more time.
  3. Ask a classmate for help.
  4. Search it up on the internet.
  5. And if you still can't figure it out ask a teacher.
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Reading list

  1. The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them- Tim Howard

  2. Victor Cruz out of the blue
  3. Friday night lights
  4. The greatest: Muhammad Ali