The Warsaw Ghetto

Kirsten Fedorko

What was the Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw ghetto was the largest Of all of the Jewish Ghettos ran by the Nazi while they occupied Europe during WWII. It was established in the polish capital somewhere between October and November 16 in 1940. Before it was turned it was attacked with air strikes and fighting while they invaded Polamd. Warsaw was the town and it was rate inside of it and it had no contact with the outside world.It had a area of roughly 1.5 miles and had at least 400,000 Jews who all had to wear a symbol which was a star to allow others to know that they were Jewish. It's construction was ran by Govenor General Hans Frank on April 1 1940. It was surrounded by a wall that was 9 almost 10 feet tall and even more protection with barbed wire at the top of it and men sitting around with heavy artilerary. Many people died within the camp because of the bad conditions like Diseases, Starvation. They would have an average of 7.2 people per room. Many people would come for a week or a day and then be sent to a different camp or Treblinka extermination camp.